Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs.

I’m not an emt yet, but everytime I see someone do drugs, I just hope they’re smart enough to remember these points.

I really love this, because as someone with anxiety when I did take party drugs way back when I was always scared of going to the hospital because I didnt want to be arrested…..even when I bad tripped and cried in the bathroom for 10 hours because I thought Jeff was trying to murder me. I dont do party drugs anymore, but it still is comforting to me….seriously.

Most EMTS and medics I’ve met are some of the most non-judgmental folks ever. Look, we love helping people and saving lives. That’s what we went to school for. Help us help you, and everyone will fare better for it. 

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WARNING: do not think about any John Green books while listening to this song, you will cry.

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Shang’s journey to self discovery as told by me

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In ancient times, the land

lay covered in forests,              

where, from ages long past,

dwelt the spirits of the gods.

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One note = one vote. Like or reblog to vote for your state! Go Arizona! 


One note = one vote. Like or reblog to vote for your state! Go Arizona! 

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The Real Iron Throne according to GRRM:

The HBO throne has become iconic. And well it might. It’s a terrific design, and it has served the show very well. There are replicas and paperweights of it in three different sizes. Everyone knows it. I love it. I have all those replicas right here, sitting on my shelves.

And yet, and yet… it’s still not right. It’s not the Iron Throne I see when I’m working on THE WINDS OF WINTER. It’s not the Iron Throne I want my readers to see. The way the throne is described in the books… HUGE, hulking, black and twisted, with the steep iron stairs in front, the high seat from which the king looks DOWN on everyone in the court… my throne is a hunched beast looming over the throne room, ugly and asymetric.

Marc Simonetti has come closer here to capturing the Iron Throne as I picture it than any other artist to tackle it. This Iron Throne is a throne made by blacksmiths hammering together half-melted, broken, twisted swords, wrenched from the hands of dead men or yielded up by defeated foes… a symbol of conquest… it has the steps I describe, and the height. From on top, the king dominates the throne room. And there are thousands of swords in it, not just a few. This Iron Throne is scary. And not at all a comfortable seat, just as Aegon intended.

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Michael Komarck - A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE

the ASOIAF Wiki is full of these and I LOVE it

That illustration of Sansa building Winterfell from the snow is my absolute favorite ASOIAF illustration of all time.

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